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Setup Documentation for StatBroadcast Conference Listener
for Affiliates and Hosts

This documentation is also available as a PDF for saving/printing: Download PDF

Schools who already have a StatBroadcast account:

Please follow instructions you received from StatBroadcast for setup for this academic year. This software version is for schools that do not already have a StatBroadcast username and password. Those instructions can be found here.

Installing StatBroadcast Conference Listener

Downloading and Installing the software

  1. Install/Update your NCAA LiveStats software to the latest version
    NCAA LiveStats can be downloaded at:
    Please note: StatBroadcast is not affiliated with Genius software.
  2. Download and install StatBroadcast Conference Listener
    The download can be found at the URL provided by your Conference.
    Please note: StatBroadcast Listener is required for this guide and must be installed; the instructions below do not apply to StatBroadcast Broadcastr or the NLS In-Arena Utility. You may need Admin access to install and run Listener.

Setup in NCAA LiveStats

do this before every game:

  1. Launch NCAA LiveStats
  2. Load your Game Key (or setup a manual key) and enter the game
  3. From the Settings menu, choose In-Venue Feed
  4. Press the 'Start TV Feed' button
    If you have previously run NLS for this sport, it may already be active.
    If you have changed Server Port from the default value of 7677, you will need to enter it in Listener's Advanced Settings.
  5. Launch StatBroadcast Conference Listener
  6. When prompted, select 'Yes' to load an event
  7. Select your event from the drop down list and click 'Load'
  8. Press the green Start Listening button
  9. Begin scoring your game in NCAA LiveStats.

Listener Notes

Listening Port Number

NCAA LiveStats allows you to customize the internet Port number it uses to transmit its live feed. By default, this value is set to '7677' in both NCAA LiveStats and Listener. If you change the port setting in LiveStats, you will need to make a corresponding change in Listener in 'Advanced Settings -> Port to Listen on'.

Using Listener on a Separate Computer

It is possible to use the Listener app on a separate computer from your scoring computer. If you have two computers that are on the same physical network, you can obtain the IP address from your scoring computer and enter that in the 'Advanced Settings -> IP Address to Listen on'.

To listen on the same computer as NCAA LiveStats is running, please make sure the 'IP Address to Listen on' is set to

Alternate Setup Instructions

Should you for some reason be unable to install or utilize the StatBroadcast Listener, alternate setup instructions are available here for use with the NLS In-Arena Utility.